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Jerk Turkey Wings

This is very tasty and spicy; you will lick all ten fingers.

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Serves: 4 Preparation time: Cooking time: Difficulty: Medium - some experience needed Dietary guidance: n g d 
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(a) 2 cups white distilled vinegar
(b) 2 complete turkey wings
(c) ½ tsp salt
(d) ¾ tsp seasoning salt
(e) 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
(f) ¾ tsp garlic powder – NOT garlic salt
(g) 1 tsp black pepper
(h) 4 tsp Walkerswood Jamaican Jerk seasoning or your own choice
(i) 1 cup water


(1) Cut turkey wings at joints – trim the flaps.
(2) Wash wings with the two cups of vinegar.
(3) Rinse wings with fresh water, twice.
(4) Add salts, garlic and black pepper,
(5) Use your hands, work seasoning into wings for one minute.
(6) Add jerk seasoning, work into wings for one minutes.
(7) Cover wings and let sit in the refrigerator for one hour.
(8) Place wings in a baking pan.
(9) Drizzle wings with olive oil.
(10) Broil on top rack until dark brown.
(12) Turn wings over and brown other sides.
(13) Remove wings from oven.
(14) Add the cup of water and cover with aluminum foil.
(15) Set oven to bake, set temp for 420 deg. F.
(16) Place wings back into oven on middle rack and bake for 45 mins.

NOTE: Make note that the cooking process is to broil and then bake.


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