Submitted by: Marlene van Berkel


½ cup margarine
2T onion, chopped
1 cup flour
2 cup beef broth
4 T parsley
2 ½ cup shredded beef
½ pkg Knorr soup mix (crush it a bit)
1Pk gehakt kruiden
½ T Maggi
½ t Tabasco sauce
½ t curry powder
1t pepper
½ t nutmeg


Sauté onions in margarine and add flour to make a roux. Add broth, stirring well. Add remaining ingredients and stir well. Cool overnight. The next day, roll mixture well in 11-1/2 inch balls. Dip each ball into beaten eggs and then paneermeel or breadcrumbs. Repeat egg and crumb process. Deep fry until golden brown.


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