Soy Milk Dhal

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Chana dhal, let me rock you
Let me rock you, chana dhal
Let me rock you, that's all I wanna do

Serves: Only me

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Spinach, roughly chopped
Large onion, diced
Green lentils, tinned or soaked
Soy milk (I know it's "soya". I don't like to call it "soya". Oh, why do I hate Britain?)
Cumin, sesame & mustard seed
You can add mushrooms, if you like.



... So anyway.

1. Heat oil in wok or large heavy-bottomed pan. Why heavy-bottomed? Chefs hate us and want us to suffer. Add the spices along with the onion.
2. Fry onion until translucent and coated in spices. Drain and add the lentils.
3. When the lentils are warmed, add the spinach and toss about until wilted.
4. Add a couple of splashes of soy milk and reduce slightly over a low heat.
5. Serve with brown rice, if you like.

I know this is to actual chana dhal as trứng vịt lộn is to runny boiled egg, but it's still very nice.


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