Ayashii'sakana 「怪しい魚」

Submitted by: Mandy Michiru
del.i.ci.ous jap + asian oriented healthy fish!! XD


Serves: 1-2

Preparation time:
Cooking time:


Sardines half body (Fresh -frozen)
Garlic -one little pieces
Onion -as u like
Chili Padi -2pieces
Olive oil -very little

Mizukan Sake for cooking (Jap.)
Thick Soy Sauce (Jap.)
Lemon Vinegar (Jap.)
Tabasco (xtra HOT, at least not the Jalapeno)
Sugar -half pouch (any can do)



1.Clean out the fish out of its bones
and divide into several pieces
2. Chop the garlic and crushed it.
Chop the chili pada
3.Prepare the rest of the ingredients


4. Soaked the fish into the SAUCE ingredients until it impregnate.
... add the sugar so that it wont taste too salty.

5. pour the olive oil into the frying pan, just too make sure the pan will not stick the fish.
Add the garlic, chili padi... toss it.

6. Add the FISH and onion alongst with its SAUCE

7. Add some water so that it gets wet and taste it.

if still too salty than add some.more water ;)

-voila XD


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