Thai Fried Rice

Submitted by: Anne Carter
it is kinda hard to write a recipe cause it's always different lol, I just kinda know how to do it from watching my host mom (I have to kind just go on autopilot to do it, otherwise I mess it up haha!). There are no specific measurements really it's mostl

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rice (better if you cook day or more before. If it's just for me I use maybe a half cup
1 egg (if your going with just half cup of rice)
Pepper (usually I use white but lately I use back)
Chili flakes
soy sauce
fish sauce (usually in asian section)
carrots (I get the packaged shredded stuff no chopping)
Green onion
tomato (I clean out the seeds)


Put oil in pan or wok on low heat. Throw in some chopped or sliced up garlic and lightly brown. I tend to take it out after that point and set it aside. Add chicken to oil, I like it chopped up really small. Lightly brown(so might need to turn up heat a little more), salt n pepper . (wow ok I realize I do this really wierd..) take that out and put it aside with the garlic. Crack egg into oil, turn up heat a little more and slowly scramble. I think at some point i threw a little pepper flake into the oil. Add garlic back. Add rice and turn up head more...might need to add more oil. Add chicken back in and start mixin. Add soy and fish sauce, I just add a little bit through out cooking till I get it the way I like. add salt and pepper, pepper flake. add all the veggies. keep mixing everything and adding whatever till it taste right
That's it. squeeze some lime (I do it just over the plate i'm gonna eat cause sometimes it makes the chili flake too spicy for me lol, and it gets a little funny if you do left overs)
ok i hope all that made sense n stuff, cause I have no clue how I make it. It just kinda happens


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