MACHBOOS DiYAY ( chicken and rice) UAE

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Preparation time: 40 min
Cooking time: 60 min

Serves: 4


>chicken ( brest, wing and thighs)- 1 pound/0.5 pound/0 .5 pound.
> big Onion ( yellow or white)
>two medium potatoes ( white )
>egg plant- half a big one
> basmati rice ( 1.5 cup)
> canned pre-cut tomatoes or
fresh tomatoes ( dont like USA tomatoes - tasteless)
turmeric( kurkum)- 1 table spoon
cardamone- 1 table spoon
garam masala- 1 table spoon
coriander- half table spoon
cumin- 1 table spoon
red pepper- to your preffernce
dried lemon- loomi yabis- 2 small ones ( white or dark)
vegetable oil - 1 table spoon


1 Cut onions in thin rings and fry it in vegetable oil until caramel brown.. make sure it is soft and not burned( med fire) = 5 minutes
2 Add 2/3 of precut tomatoes ( i use regular cans withouht any spices added ) = leave it for 5 minutes covered DONT forget to STIR
3 Prepare pieces of chicken, i preffer big pieces of brest because it will be more juicy. Add it to onions and tomatoes. = cook it for 5 minutes and stir
4 Add all the spices- Stir leave for 10 minutes
5 Add 1/3 of tomatoes leave it for 5 minutes.. MED fire
6 Add all the vegetables stir and make sure the sauce covers all the vegetables. IF not add water. Then, if u dont have a cooker with tight lid , cover the pot with foil and cover with the lid. leave it for 20 minutes. check after 10 minutes for salt. - MED fire
7. fill a different pot with water. wash rice . When water is boiling add salt and rice for 7-9 minutes. normally it is 2 .5 cups of water for 1.5 cups of rice.
After 7-9 minutes, turn off the fire and remove water from rice.
8 AFter 20 minutes open the lid and add the rice. STIR. cover with foil again. After 10 minutes check and make sure it is not too much water.. if u see that the rice is swimming in sauce. open the lid and cook it open for 10 minutes. after u add the rice. give it about 40 minutes on a very low fire. mix it after 20 minutes. Bring the bottom rice to the top.Cover again.
10 . MACHBOOS IS ready to eat. Serve it with yougurt,salad, tomatoes, and CRYSTAL ( spicy sauce).

BIl 3afiya ( to your health)

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