Spring Rolls#3

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* 2 packets of frozen filo pastry skin (80 pieces). Thaw and leave in an airtight container. Otherwise your pastry will be brittle and cannot be rolled or shaped anymore.

* 2 cucumbers, cut lengthwise, deseeded and shredded. Then put in a sieve to strain the liquid.
* 3 carrots, shredded.

I use the shredder disc in a food processor, if you do not have it, you can use a mandolin. A mandolin is a manual shredder/slicer with variable thickness option. Otherwise, the task to julienne the vegetables is quite overwhelming.

* 3 pieces of chicken breasts. Cooked in 1 cup of water and 1/2 tsp salt and shredded. Keep the resulting stock.
* 3 pieces of hard tofu. Crumbled.
* A handful of shallots, peeled and sliced thinly.
* 1 tbs of black pepper, coarsely ground.
* 1 tbs chicken stock granules.
* Salt to taste.

* 6 tbs Thai chili sauce
* 2 tbs tomato sauce
* 1 tsp toasted sesame seed

Mix both types of sauce with a little water for a pouring consistency.


1. Toss all filling ingredients in a big bowl, put in a large sieve in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to dry the liquid.
2. Carefully peel one piece of the pastry, spoon 1 tbs of the fillings diagonally and roll it. Moisten the edges with a bit of water to secure the parcel.
3. Repeat until all pastry pieces are folded neatly.
4. Heat a flat frying pan. Fill half with cooking oil.
5. When you can see a little smoke coming from the oil, quickly fry the spring rolls, flipping to the other side when one side is golden brown.
6. Drain upright in a bowl lined with paper towels.
7. Serve hot immediately with the sauce.

Cook's Tips:
* Never moisten your pastry more than necessary because the skin will disintegrate and the fillings can leak out.
* When frying, the oil must not be too hot until the skin forms bubbles. Frying with right temperature is the most important step in getting that crunchy bite.
* Fried spring rolls should be placed on a rack when serving to preserve the crunchiness of the pastry. This also helps to drain excess oil.

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