Perut Ikan Vegetarian Version

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Serves: Serves: Fifteen to Twenty


Part A
Kunyit (tumeric rhizome): 2 pieces, 50 mm length
Serai (lemon grass bulb): 8 - 10 stalks
Lengkus (blue ginger rhizomes, galangal): 8 - 10 stalks
Helia (ginger rhizomes): 2 pieces 50 mm
Cili kering (Dried Chilli): 10 pieces
Cili merah besar (large red chilli): 6 pieces
Buah Keras (candle nuts) used as a subsitute for onions.: 10 pieces
Lada puteh (white pepper corns): 1 - 2 teaspoons

Part B
Daun Gaduk or Kaduk (Piper sarmentosum leaves): 60 - 80 pieces, young leaves
Daun Cekur (Sand ginger, Kaempferia galanga leaves): 60 pieces, young leaves
Daun Linau Perut (Kaffir Lime , Citrus hystrix leaves): 10 - 15 pieces, young leaves
Daun Kesum (Polygonum odoratum leaves, Cenonhom ): 1 bunch, young leaves

Part C
Daun Kunyit (Turmeric , Citrus hystrix leaves): 10 - 15 pieces, young leaves
Bunga Kantan, (Torch Ginger Flower, Phaeomeria speciosa): 1 - 1.5 buds

Part D
Mint Leaves: 30 - 50 young leaves
Basil Leaves, (Ocimum basilicum): 100 - 150 young leaves
Roasted sea-weeds: 18 pieces used as a subsitute for "perut ikan"

Part E
Pineapple: 1 fruit, young
Brinjal: 2 fruits, about 150 mm long
Long Beans: 6 -10 pods
Red Carrot: 1 top
Liquid Aminos: 2 table spoons or to taste, used as a subsitute for "soy sauce"
Sea salt: a bit or to taste, used as a subsitute for "soy sauce"
Seasoning: 2 tea spoons or to taste
Cooking Oil: 3 table spoons
Water: 1.8 liters

Part F: subsitute
Apple Cider Vinegar (used as a subsitute for Lime Juice in Part C): 2 table spoons


1. Blend Part A together till fine..
2. Slice Part B and Part C very finely, keep them seperately
3. For Part D, mint and basil leaves use whole leaves, for sea weeds, crumple them up.
4. For Part E, cut pineapple, brinjal, long beans and carrot into strips about 3 cm by half cm.
5. Heat pot with cooking oil, lower flame, fry (tumis) blended ingredients of Part A until there is a nice aroma.
6. Add water, pineapple and bring to boil .
7. Put in all the vegetables, from Part B and E, continue to cook till it boils.
8. Switch off the fire, add sea weeds, mint leaves, basel leaves, bunga kantan and limau perut leaves. from Part C and D

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