Hallah Bread/Jew-Cousin Bread

It's the best damn bread in the world.

It made it's debut in Cepress' Creative Writing class circa p. 6/7, semester 1 of 06-07, and it was mighty tasty.

Serves: 1

Preparation time:
Cooking time:

Dietary guidance: v 


1/2 C oil
4 t salt
1T sugar
1C boiling water
1/2 C cold water
2 packages dry yeast
1/3 C warm water
3 eggs
7 C flour


Pour the oil, salt, and sugar into a large mixing bowl.
Add 1 C boiling water and stir; add 1/2 cup cold water.
Dissolve 2 packages dry yeast in 1/3 cup warm water.
Beat 3 eggs, and add to oil and water mixture, saving 1 T of beaten egg to be brushed on loaves before baking. Add dissolved yeast and stir.
Add 7 C of unbleached flour and mix well.

Turn out on floured board and knead until dough does not stick to board or hands. Add more flour if necessary.
Return dough to bowl and cover with a clean towel. Place in oven that has been preheated for 1 minute and then turned off.
Let dough rise for 1 hour; it will double in bulk. If poked with finger, the hole will remain.

Turn dough lightly on floured board and knead for about 1 minute.
Cut into 12 equal pieces and knead each piece with a little flour until it is not sticky. Let rest while you grease a cookie sheet with vegetable shortening. (or oil will work fine too) Roll each piece of dough into a strand, and make four braided loaves.

Place on baking sheet and let rise for 45 minutes at room temperature. Brush tops of loaves with beaten egg.

Bake in 375 degree oven for 40 minutes. Extra loaves may be placed in the freezer. Frozen loaves should be thawed and placed in the oven for 5-10 minutes to restore their fresh flavor.


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