a lurvely cuppa....ooooooh

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Refreshing, especially when waking up knackered, bleary eyed or hung over.. great to share over salacious gossip

Preparation time: 1/2 minute
Cooking time: Depends how strong you like it..

Serves: 1

Dietary guidance: v 


Cup or mug of choice
I tea bag - or leaves if you can be bothered...
Boiling water
Sugar to taste


Place a tea bag in the cup or mug
Add boiling hot water
Brew for several minutes until you have a lovely colour reminiscent of filthy pond water
Remove the bag and hurl towards a pedal bin
Add a slosh of milk and sweeten to taste

Serve anytime at breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon or just when you are really fed up. Is the key ingredient in the authentic Blackpool Breakfast, just combine with a lit fag, dangled expertly from the mouth (Lambert & Butler should do the trick nicely).


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