Simple Carbonara - Method 2

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Preparation time: 5-10
Cooking time: 10-15



Onion, garlic, bacon, mixed herbs, parmesan cheese (cheddar will do), butter, flour, milk, pasta.


Fry the onion, garlic until soft. Add the mixed herbs and bacon and fry until cooked.

Boil the pasta in water (salt to taste).

Create a cheese sauce:
Melt the butter in a sauce pan. Take it off the heat and add flour a small bit at a time, mixing it with the butter until a smooth paste is formed. Put the saucepan back on a low heat; slowly add splashes of milk, mixing it in with the butter and flour. Continue to do this until a smooth liquid is formed. Add the grated cheese, and cook until a thick sauce is created.

Drain the pasta, and combine all ingredients. Cook over a medium heat, stirring constantly until the sauce thickens round the pasta.

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