Luke's Sushi

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Made out of desperation in England

Preparation time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 20 mins

Serves: 2 sushi/person

Dietary guidance: v 

Tags: starter · party · sushi ·


Smoked salmon (no other flavoring of any kind)
dried flat seaweed (inari)
egg (1 egg = approx 8 pieces of sushi)
fish bullion cube
sundried tomatos (julienne preferred)
sushi rice (rice wine vinegar and sugar)
water (w/ rice wine vinegar)
soy sauce
optional: wasabi


Cook rice: after it's cooked, add the rice wine vinegar and sugar to taste, stir vigorously
Scramble the egg w/ fish cube and make fry it omlette style, slice into thin strips
Cut seaweed vertically into two pieces (pieces should be more wide than long)
Slice avocado into thin strips
Break off pieces of the salmon into small strips

Lay the seaweed flat and add a small amount of rice, just enough to cover 1/3 of the seaweed
optional: place wasabi on top of rice
place the avocado, egg, and sundried tomato on top of the rice
Cover the ingredients with the salmon
Roll the seaweed into a cone shape, use the water vinegar to glue the seaweed into shape
Use soy sauce for dip

Vegetarian option: take out fish (and egg)

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