Tomato Sauce with Garlic & Basil

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Another classic pasta sauce, VERY easy to make!

Serves: 4

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4 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 onion, chopped finely
800g/1 lb 12 oz canned chopped tomatoes (don't buy cheap watery ones)
4 garlic cloves, quartered
salt and pepper
450g/1lb dried spaghetti
large handful of fesh basil leaves, shredded
freshly grated parmesan to serve


Heat the oil in a large suacepan over a medium heat. Add the onion and fry gently for 5 minutes until soft. Add the tomatoes and garlic. Bring to the boil then simmer over a medium to low heat for 25-30 minutes, until the oil separates from the tomato. Season with salt and pepper.

Cook the pasta in plenty of boiling salted water until al dente. Drain and transfer to a warm serving dish.

Pour the sauce over the pasta. Add the basil and toss well to mix.

Serve with permesan.


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