A No-Brainer Fruit Dip

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1 cup fat-free fruit yogurt (I like strawberry)
1 cup fat-free (or low-fat) Cool Whip
As much sliced fruit as you want

**Can vary the size of each, as long as it's half yogurt and half cool whip**


1. Stir yogurt and cool whip together.
2. Serve with fruit

It is an extremely tasty and light snack or appetizer.

For people who have trouble eating yogurt, this is a good way to make it a bit lighter and more mousse-like.

I'm unsure of the weight watcher's points value, but you can figure it out by using the nutritional information from the yogurt and cool whip. I would say that a 1/4 cup is a serving, depending on how much fruit you have.

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