Cool Raspberry Pie

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Great dessert for a hot day!

Serves: 8

Preparation time:
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1 large tub cool whip
1 package raspberry jello
3/4 c frozen or fresh raspberries
1/4 c raspberry jam (I like kraft double fruit b/c its runnier)
1 rtu choc pie shell or regular graham crust is fine too


prepare jello as per instruction on box

when jello is set, loosen it in the bowl by making cuts through it, add jam and stir, add raspberries turn with spoon just to mix.

Put above mixture into a larger bowl, fold in most of the container of cool whip. Don't mix, just keep folding until mixture is combined. Put into crust. Freeze. remove from freezer about 30 minutes prior to serving...slice and enjoy!

Nice cool dessert for an outside BBQ!


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