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easiest way to make wine not as good a traditional wine but gets the job done.

Preparation time: 20 min
Cooking time: none

Serves: 4-8

Dietary guidance: v v 


2 - 12 oz. cans frozen grape juice

3 1/2 cups of white granulated sugar

1/3 cake of yeast (Fleishmann's is best)


a large Balloon and some strong string one Gallon Jug

First, set the grape juice out to thaw, until slushy. Next, mix
the sugar thoroughly in with the grape juice. Pour the sugar
and juice, into the gallon jug.

Dissolve the yeast in a cup of lukewarm* water and add to the
juice mixture in the gallon jug. (*If water is too warm, it will
kill the active ingredient in the yeast that causes
fermentation.) Mix everything thoroughly. Now add just enough
lukewarm water to fill the gallon jug up to about 2 inches
below the neck. When this is done, place the balloon over the
top of neck and secure tightly with string. Note! This must be
an air tight fit... If you have followed all directions
carefully, the balloon will soon start to expand with the gas,
caused by the fermentation. Store the mixture in a cool (but
not cold) area, 60 to 75 degrees is ideal, for a period of from
3 to 6 weeks.

Check the balloon every other day. If the balloon expands too
large, untie and allow the gas to escape and then retie, but be
sure to retie tightly to make it air tight again. When the
balloon ceases to expand, the wine is done.

NOTICE - Do not bottle the wine before it is done. Working
wine (fermenting) can explode a bottle from the gas pressure of

Strain your wine with a cheese cloth or a tea towel and pour
into a bottle, using a snap-on type of cap or use a cork. Store
bottles on their sides in a cool, dark place. All that's left
now to do, is ENJOY YOURSELF
Please let me know what you think!

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