French Onion Soup

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Preparation time:
Cooking time: ~1hr

Serves: 6


1.5 kg onions
1.5 litres beef stock (made with instant beef cube+ hot water)
75g butter
grated (emmental) cheese
salt & pepper

For toast:
french baguette
soften butter


1. Peel onions and slice thinly

2. In a pot, melt butter over low- medium fire.
Add onions and cook till slightly golden, stirring consistently. Do not let onions burn, or soup will taste bitter.

3. Add in the beef stock. Add salt & pepper to taste. Cover and simmer over small fire for about 45 minutes.
*add a glass of red wine with the stock, if desired

4. when soup is about ready, cut baguette into bite size, spread with soften butter, and toast in the oven (180°C) for about 10 minutes till golden.

5. Fill up bowls with soup, add 2 slices of toasted bread on top. Sprinkle with grated cheese and grill in oven for a few minutes. Serve very hot.

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