Chicken Parmesan

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One of many Italian classics you can eat. Great as a main dish for your dinners.

Preparation time: About an Hour
Cooking time: About a Half-Hour



-1 Pack of Frozen Boneless Chicken Breasts (or anything boneless. If you want to remove the bones yourself, that is your own burden)
-1 Egg
-2 Teaspoons of Water
-1/2 Cup of Grated Parmesan Cheese
-1/2 Cup of Bread Crumbs
-Olive Oil
-Cooking Oil (Vegetable, Canola, Olive...Your call; just not the spray)
-1 28-oz. Can of Tomato Sauce
-1 16-oz Bag of Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
-Seasonings (Salt, Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Basil, Oregano, and Italian)


-Defrost the chicken in a microwave according to its netweight. In the mean time, do as much as the next ones as you can. In case the microwave is done heating and the chicken is not fully defrosted, put it in the sink and let it thaw by itself.
-Get out a small bowl, crack open the egg into it, and the water, and fully mix it.
-Get out a flat bowl and pour into it the parmesan and the bread crumbs and mix them together.
-Open the can of tomato sauce and pour it into a medium size cooking pot. Pour in 3 tablespoons of olive oil and mix together. Turn the heat on high and let it sit there. As soon as it starts to bubble a little, immediately start mixing again, cover pot with lid, and put the heat on low. When the sauce stops bubbling, wait an extra 5 minutes. Open the lid again, turn it up to medium, and start adding the seasonings. 1 full second of dashing the salt and peppers, 2 full seconds for the powders, and 3 full seconds for the remaining. When you are done mixing, cover again and leave it there until the sauce is bubbly again. After five minutes, turn off the heat and let the pot sit there for later. Remember to stir right after turning it off and stir again occasionally from there.
-Pour the shredded mozzarella into a mixing bowl. Add in the basil, oregano, and italian (about 1 second of shaking for each of the seasonings). For the sake of it, add in a little extra parmesan (about half of a handful).
-By now, the chicken should be fully defrosted. Get out a cutting board and tenderize each individual chicken that is there. The flatter they are, the easier they can be cooked. When done tenderizing, dip each chicken in the egg mix and embed them in the breadcrumb/parmesan mix until fully covered. Place them all on another plate for the time being.
-Get out a frying pan. Pour on some cooking oil and distribute as much as you can to make sure the entire cooking surface is greased. Place the chicken on the pan and turn the heat on high. As soon as the chicken starts to sizzle and the bottom has that nice brownish gold color, flip them over make sure the other side will be the same. Be sure to have something to hold the cooked chicken for the time being. When that set is finished, turn the heat to medium and do the same as you did with the previous chickens. Each time the greasiness on the cooking surface is diminishing, remember to keep adding more oil.
-Place each of the cooked, breaded chickens onto an oven-safe baking sheet. Pour some of the sauce on the chickens and add the cheese on top. Be sure that the oven has been preheated to 350 degrees. When the oven has finally reached the full temperature, put the baking sheet that has the chickens in the oven and let it sit there for 10-15 minutes or until the cheese has fully melted.

Extra Note:
-These things can be used for sandwiches. Condiments are entirely up to you.
-Of course, you will have plenty of sauce left over. This will come into great use later if you


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