Chocolate Chunk Cookies

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This is one of the basic recipies I made in cookies class... If there are any requests... let me know. ENJOY!

Serves: well that depends... but 90 using the #100 scoop

Preparation time:
Cooking time:


Butter 14 oz
Granulated sugar 10 oz
Light brown sugar 6.5 oz
Salt 11 grams
Baking soda 8 grams
Eggs 6 oz
Vanilla 8 grams
Pastry flour 1# 5 oz
Chocolate chunks 1# 5 oz


1.Soften butter on medium speed.
2.Add sugars, salt, mix on 2nd speed, scraping the sides of bowl often.
3.Whisk eggs and vanilla together.
4.Add egg mixture in two or three stages, scraping bowl often. Add Baking Soda. Scrape.
5.Add dry ingredients, and then the chocolate chunks- mix until incorporated.


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