Cold Pea Salad

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Tasty, quick to prepare salad for a summer BBQ!

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: o



frozen peas
purple onion
mushrooms (canned or fresh)
Kraft Three Cheese Ranch Dressing or Peppercorn Ranch or just plain ol' Ranch - I prefer the Three Cheese Ranch...Tasty!
salt to taste (I use onion salt or celery salt)


I didn't put any amounts above, because this is really a salad that depends on how many people you are serving and about personal taste and preference.

Put desired amount of frozen peas into a colander and run water over them until thawed. Drain well. Put into serving bowl. Slice purple onions, thick or think, your choice. I prefer somewhat thin. Add to peas. Add mushrooms. I prefer fresh mushrooms that have been cooked slightly and then cooled. Mix in your dressing of choice in the amount that satisfies you and enjoy! Even the pea hater in my family loves this!

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