Fish Cakes

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A quick and easy recipe with variations below.

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Serves: Serves 4


225g/8oz of instant mash potato (you know the one)
knob of butter
1 egg, beaten
225g/8oz cod, hakes or fresh haddock fillets, cooked, skinned and flaked
pinch of grated nutmeg
oil and butter for shallow frying


Make up that famous mash potato as directed on the packet using a little less water so that the mixture is firm. Add the butter and eg and beat well. Fold in the fish and add salt, pepper and the nutmeg. On a floured board form into round flat cakes.

Shallow fry the fish caked in oil and butter and serve hot.

Variations: Add finely chopped parsley, dill or fennel leaves or a few capers. Use canned salmon instead of the fresh fish.

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