Beef in Mushroom & Wine Sauce

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A Jewish recipe that is absolutely divine!

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1 Kg (2 lb) beef
1 big onion
1 cup red dry wine
1 cup or more sliced mushrooms
A few leaves of rosemary (optional)
Salt and pepper


Choose beef that is suitable for a roast or stew. You can cook it whole or cut it up (I find it better to cut it up). I cut into serving size chunks. Put a little oil in a heavy pot or pressure cooker, heat oil, add meat and fry on all sides. Slice the big onion and keep on frying till onion starts to brown. Add mushrooms and wine and 1 cup water, salt and pepper and rosemary leaves (if using).

Note: Cooking time depends on quality and variety of meat. If the gravy is too thin, thicken with some cornflour.

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