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A Jewish recipe, simple and easy to make and tastes great. One of the best I have eaten.

Preparation time:
Cooking time:

Serves: 4-6


1 pound minced meat
1 slice challah or plain white bread, no crust, soaked in water
3 eggs
Salt, pepper
Some flour
3 tablespoons oil
2-3 tablespoons tomato paste
10 cloves (or more) garlic
1 bay leaf
Pinch sugar
3 cup water


First make the sauce- to the water add tomato paste, oil, garlic and sugar. Let simmer. Drain and squeeze the bread from the water, work the bread and meat till uniform. Add eggs, salt, pepper. You should get a mixture that can form soft meatballs. Roll meatballs in flour and drop gently into simmering sauce. You should get 12-14 meatballs. Let simmer gently for an hour. Add water if needed. Serve hot.


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