Easy barbecue meatballs for pot lucks etc.

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The sauce tastes amazing and people don't realize how easy it was to make.

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Bag of frozen meatballs, preferably plain ones
Small bottle of KC Masterpiece Barbecue sauce
Can of cranberry sauce (clear, jelly type)


Thaw or heat meatballs
In a separate bowl mix bottle of barbecue sauce and much of the canned cranberry sauce (mix in and taste to decide)
Pour over meat balls
Heat or microwave until thoroughly heated
These will taste better the longer they have to sit and have the flavors combine so can sit in covered
casserole dish in refridgerator overnight and would taste even better.
The cranberry sauce adds just the right tangyness to the sauce. People often ask for
recipe after they have had several of these meatballs and are surprised it's so easy!
Children, of course, love these at pot lucks also because it is something they will eat.

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