Chicken Fettucine Alfredo

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Incredibly delicious and ridiculously easy, it feeds alot of people and you'll usually have leftovers. Pair it with a salad, garlic bread and some white wine and you've got a very impressive meal with minimal effort

Serves: 4-6

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Cooking time:


*2 large chicken breasts (adjust more or less for amount of people
*whole box of fettucine
*2 jars of Classico 4 Cheese Alfredo (or any other jarred Alfredo- but this is best)


1. Cut chicken into bite-sized pieces. Cook until done in a frying pan with a little vegetable oil. (Don't forget to stir)
2. At the same time, boil pasta according to package directions.
3. As pasta/chicken finish cooking, heat alfredo sauce in a pan on very LOW heat- DON'T FORGET TO STIR (if you don't, it gets hot enough to bubble all over you)
4. Mix all together, let sit for a minute or two and serve!


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