Chicken, Feta and Vodka Sauce Pasta

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Another very delicious, incredibly simple recipe that would also make quite an impressive meal with some accompaniments.

Preparation time: 10
Cooking time: 20

Serves: 4-6


* 2 large chicken breasts (more or less depending on how many people)
* 1 box rigatoni
* 1 large jar of Vodka sauce, any brand (looks like creamy tomato sauce)
* 1 small package feta (a little goes a long way)


1. Cut chicken into bite-sized pieces. Cook in frying pan with a little oil.
2. Boil rigatoni according to box
3. Heat vodka sauce in pan on LOW heat, stirring,
4. Mix all together, and crumble 1-2 handfuls of feta, (to taste) and mix in.
5. Serve!


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