Old Fashioned Lemonade

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Goes down great at BBQs for people driving.

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1.1lt (2 pints) Boiling Water
450g (1lb) Sugar Cubes
3 Large Lemons, Juice only
2 Lemons, rind only


Rub some of the sugar cubes, on 2 of the lemons until they have absorbed all the oil and put it with the remainder of the sugar into a jug.
Add the strained lemon juice and pour over 1.1lt (2 pints) of boiling water.
When the sugar is dissolved, strain the lemonade through a fine sieve or piece of muslin.
When cool, it will be ready for use.
The lemonade will be much improved by having the white of an egg beaten up in it, a little sherry mixed with it, also, makes this beverage much nicer, but don't add if anyone is going to drive.


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