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Please, do not be discouraged by the French name. It is a very good sandwich you can eat for lunch, easy to make, and quite filling. Here is a version I am most accustomed to making.

Preparation time: 5 Minutes
Cooking time: 5 Minute



1 Portion of a Baguette (French Bread; Take as much as you think you are going to eat)
Swiss Gruyere Cheese (2 wedges will do; You can usually find these at a dollar store)
Grated Ham (I usually use 3 slices)


-Open up the French bread and toast it facing down on the lowest heat.
-Microwave the cheese for about 10-20 seconds or until melted enough for it to be spreadable.
-Spread the cheese into the bread and place the ham inside.

Extra Note:
French bread needs to be used for this French lunch for reasons of authenticity and it must be toasted. Ham and cheese are the main ingredients, but you do not have to use gruyere. It does not even have to be spreadable. If the cheese is a cold cut, be sure to put it in the toaster with the bread, obviously facing upward. There are over 200 french cheeses you can use, such as camembert, but they are likely to be a little more expensive. Whether you are willing to spend a lot for the sake of temporarily experiencing a full stomach is entirely up to you. It is just lunch, so be sure to ask yourself if it is worth the trouble, unless it is a special occasion in mind. How much ham or cheese you want to use is also your call.


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