Dorito bake

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1 big bag of spicier nacho Doritos
3 cups shredded mexican cheese/cheddar cheese
1 big jar of Pace Picante salsa
1.5 pounds of thick ground beef vegeterians can substitute with 1.5 cans of black beans or pinto beans)
salt to taste
cayenne or chilli powder to taste
ground pepper
garlic powder
1 tsp. italian seasoning

For even more flavor; toss in some black olives, jalapenos, green onions in the ground beef after cooking.


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Cook the ground beef until browned evenly. While cooking, add in the salt, ground black pepper, cayenne/chilli pepper, italian seasoning,and garlic powder.
NOTE: if using beans instead of beef, just warm the beans up with the seasonings mentioned above.

Once this is done, take a 9X13' pan and put some salsa at the bottom of the pan.
Next, put a nice layer of Doritos, then a layer of beef (vegetarians do layers of beans), a layer of cheese and a layer of salsa. REPEAT until out of ingredients.

Cover the pan with aluminum foil to prevent burning and for even cooking.

Place in oven until flavors come together, about 35-45 minutes.

After taking out of oven, top with sour cream and serve.


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