Stuffed zucchini flowers

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Zucchini flowers stuffed with prosciutto and gruyere

Serves: 4

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- 8 zucchini flowers
- gruyere cheese (I used aged, but any good cheese will do!)
- prosciutto (I had italian parma)
- fresh basil leaves (I have a huge pot of it in my garden this year. So good!)
- 2 eggs
- 1/4 c flour
- water
- Olive and vegetable oil for frying


Remove the stamens from the zucchini flowers, wash and dry.

Cut the gruyere into small sticks. Wrap each stick in one basil leaf, and wrap with a slice of prosciutto. Stuff the whole thing into one zucchini flower.

In a bowl, beat the eggs. Add flour, mix til smooth. Add water til a smooth batter forms.

Heat olive oil in a deep frying pan to 375 f.

Dip each zucchini flower in the batter til coated, let excess batter drip off. Place in oil and fry til golden brown (2 - 3 minutes). Turn halfway through.

Drain on paper towels, and eat!


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