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No friends have added recipies yet, so here's my favorite beer recipie.

Preparation time: varies
Cooking time: n/a

Serves: 1 - 6.1bn

Dietary guidance: v 


if bottles->opener


Purchase beer at local brewery or market. Organic is best though local is usually just fine. Pinch sides to ensure beer is fresh. Do not thump like a cantaloupe to hear 'thunk' noise.

Place beer in river/refrigerator. Important: certain summer beers such as Hefeweizens and certain winter beers such as thick stouts do not need cooling.

Ensure that conveyance is very cool to touch. Also, certain widely marketed high selling beers must be extremely cold to be palatable.

Remove from cooling device. Do not let stand.

Open Beer with thumb and forefinger. If bottle, use opener. If in college, nail, railing, or forehead are acceptable. (Note: undergrads only)

Breath in mist from top of beer through nose. Bottles are best for this.

Take one long, slow sip. When finished, drink at a pace appropriate for setting.

If at work, hide conveyance from boss. Leave work immediately. If not at work, ensure other beers are prepped ahead of time.

Recycle leftovers.

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