meatballs and sauce

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meatballs and sauce

Preparation time: a while
Cooking time: a while



meat- mix of ground turkey, pork, beef, and lamb...varry to taste.
garlic cloves crushed and minced
jars of tomato sauce...varies with amount you want to make
choped onions
chili taste
black pepper
sea salt
balsamic viniger
bread broken to peices
some sort of hard ground cheese similar to parmeasan
garlis powder
onion powder


combine meat and bread with the eggs and a little dash of wine and add some garlic powder and onion powder and a little bit of the cheese and don't forget the oregano and parsley.
Everything shoul be well encorporated and the balls should not come apart in your hands.
next in a big sauce pot heat some olive oil.
When hot enough start adding the meatballs.
cook till outside is brown then place them in the oven to cook some more. Have the oven preheated to 375.
Next add the garlic cloves and onion and cook till light brown. Then add tomatoes and the tomato sauce. Next add wine to the sauce and the viniger to the sauce. Next add the spices.
Afterward add the meatballs and let simmer for at least 2 hours. In the meantime finish the bottle of wine and pray you eyeballed all of the spices correctly. Remember if you can't taste the garlic and onion and a little bit of the red pepper flakes you did something wrong. Also if the taste of anything is overwhelming you also did something wrong. Basically you have to know just by looking and smelling if you added the right amount of things.


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