Mikey's Quick Corned Beef Hash

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This is my own recipe. Great with a mixed bag of salad leaves and tomatoes. Enjoy!

Serves: 4

Preparation time:
Cooking time:


1 large onion, diced
1 can of corned beef, diced
1 can of baked beans (a decent brand not watery)
1 packet of smash
A little oil for frying
Grated cheese for topping.


Fry the onion until soft in a frying pan. Add the diced corned beef and mix together until the dices start to fall apart. Add the baked beans and heat for 2 minutes. Pour the mixture into a casserole dish and put to one side to cool a little.

Mix up the smash or make your own and then cover the beans mixture with it. Score the top of the potato with a fork and dot with a few knobs of butter or the grated cheese.

Baked in a moderate oven until the potato topping has browned.


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