Italian Omelette

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Preparation time: 5
Cooking time: 25

Serves: 2-3


1 large cooking onion chopped.
2-3 cloves of fresh garlic (I use 3)
3-5 leaves fresh chopped basil (I use 5)
1 small package chopped mushrooms (I am lazy)
1 small tomato (your choice of type)
1/ cup of cheese (your choice I use old cheddar)1/4 cup of milk
4 eggs
salt and pepper to taste


Saute onion,garlic,basil in evoo until liquified. Add mushrooms and 1 tbsp of butter until browned. Dice 1 tomato and shred cheese.
In large bowl wisk eggs,milk, and salt and pepper to taste. Cook in no stick fry pan add a little butter first. Flip when solid and lightly browned (Do not cook too high or will burn).
Use omelette as shell and add mushroom mixture on top. Garnish with Tomato and cheese. Flip like soft taco to cover (half moon) Plate with toast. Enjoy!


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