The Hawker Family Pineapple Steamed Pudding

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This recipe is just fantastic! A local lucky find and thank yo for Hawker Family for posting it on the net.

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A one-litre (2 pint) pudding basin
Greaseproof Paper
Aluminium Foil
250g tin of pineapple rings
50g Glacé Cherries
75g raisins
25g candied peel
25g chopped walnuts
50g fresh white breadcrumbs (from day-old bread)
100g self-raising flour
125g margarine
125g caster sugar
2 tablespoons golden syrup
2 eggs
pinch of salt
a knob of butter for greasing the basin


Grease thoroughly the inside of the basin with butter by rubbing the knob of butter all round the inside of the basin. Then place the basin in the refrigerator. Now place the margarine and sugar together in a bowl and cream them together

To achieve a light pudding it is important to cream the margarine and sugar thoroughly and beat the eggs well. The procedure I use is to start with a knife, cutting the margarine into small pieces in the sugar. Then, with the back of a spoon, press the margarine into the sugar using a rapid cutting motion (with the back of the spoon) rotating the bowl at the same time. Once the sugar and margarine are thoroughly mixed, use an electric whisk to create a light fluffy mixture (usually about 5 minutes).

Now beat the eggs in a separate container, using an electric whisk until the eggs are frothy and full of small bubbles. Add this to the margarine/sugar mixture a little at a time beating thoroughly all the while. Finally sift in the flour and salt, mixing with a folding motion using a spoon, and then add the breadcrumbs in the same way. Set aside 5 glacé cherries and 3 pineapple rings. Chop the remaining cherries, candied peel and pineapple rings into small pieces (about the size of a quarter to a half of a cherry). Add this chopped fruit plus the walnuts and raisins to the flour mixture, stirring to distribute everything evenly.

Now we can make the pudding! Take the greased basin from the refrigerator. Cut a circle of greaseproof paper the size of the bottom of the basin and place inside the bottom of the basin. Put the golden syrup on top of this paper and let it spread out evenly. On top of the syrup place one of the pineaple rings you set aside and put one of the 5 cherries in the centre. Now cut the remaining two pineapple rings in half and arrange the four halves around the base ring, with the cut edges downwards and a cherry in the centre of each. Put the flour mixture on top af all this and level off, taking care not to disturb the pineapple rings. Do not fill the basin more than three quarters full as the pudding will expand.

Cover the basin as follows. Put a pleat in the centre of a sheet of greaseproof paper (fold as shown in the diagram on the right) and place over the basin with the pleat crossing the centre of the basin. Using the string, tie this on like a lid, tying the string tightly under the rim of the basin. Cut off the excess paper and repeat the process with the foil (not forgetting the pleat).

Now we only have to steam the pudding! In the bottom of a large saucepan place a trivet or a triangle of forks to support the basin so that it doesn't touch the base of the saucepan. Place the basin on top of the trivet (or forks) and add cold water to the saucepan until it is about half way up the sides of the basin. Put a lid on the saucepan and bring to the boil. Now reduce the heat to maintain a gentle rolling boil for one and a half hours, adding more boiling water every half hour so


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