Devilled Cheese Fondue

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I love fondue...all types. This has to be my favorite cheese fondue. Good flavour.

Preparation time: minimum
Cooking time: 10 min

Serves: 4

Dietary guidance: v 

Tags: cheese · appetizer · fondue ·


1 clove garlic, halved
3/4 cup milk
12 oz grated Applewood smoked cheddar cheese
6 tsp plain flour
1 tbsp prepared mustard (I like using coarse mustard instead)
2 tsp worcestershire sauce
2 tsp horseradish (or more to taste)
Dash of favorite hot sauce to taste

Stuff for dipping


Rub the inside of the the fondue pot with the cut
clove of garlic, then add milk and heat until bubbling. Toss cheese in flour, then add to the pot and stir all the time over a low heat until it is melted and the mixture is thick and smooth. Stir in mustard, worcestershire sauce and horseradish. Add hot sauce to taste.


Goes well with: ham cubes, bread, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and bread sticks wrapped with prosciutto.

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