Risotto ai funghi porcini

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Porcini Mushrooms
Arborio Rice
Fresh Basil

White Wine
Vegetable Stock

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Lightly saute the coarsely chopped garlic and onions in the olive oil to make the soffrito.

Once the soffrito is translucent and soft, toast the rice in the oil for a couple of minutes (tostatura) until the grains are translucent and coated in the olive oil. This ensures that they can be al dente and not mushy even after long cooking.

Add a large amount (half a bottle at least) of white wine, and reduce it, stirring to absorb it into the rice.

Add the stock in stages, reducing each one before adding the next. Stirring helps bind the dish together.

Once the rice is done, add a large amount of butter to make the consistency and texture more smooth. Add fresh basil and stir through.

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