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Considering I heard surprising news about a skinny American beating a skinny Asian in a hot dog eating contest on American Independence Day, I figured maybe this one contribution would be a good way to celebrate both achievements simultaneously.

Preparation time: Depends
Cooking time: Depends



-1 Pack of Hot-Dogs (I usually like to eat kosher hot-dogs for health reasons, not religious. My favorite brand is the regular "Hebrew National". Whether you want to use dinner franks is your call)
-Hot-Dog Rolls (Depending on how many hot-dogs are in the packet you bought. If you are using dinner franks, I would strongly recommend you get the fancy roles. I prefer to use the ones from "Gentile's")
-1 Pack of Bacon Strips (Again, I use kosher for the same reason as the hot-dogs)
-Cooking Oil (Olive, Canola, your call) or 1 Tablespoon of Butter
-1 Packet of Shredded Cheddar Jack


-Get out a grilling pan and spray cooking oil on it. Put on as many hot-dogs as you can and turn the heat on to high. As the hot-dogs really start to sizzle, lower the heat to medium. Remember to roll them on a regular basis so that the heat is evenly distributed throughout the hot-dogs, both inside and outside. Occasionaly, bring some to the end of the pan closest to you and pierce them with a knife to see if the inside appears cooked. You can tell by the darkened color, the steam that will come out, or the juices that are no longer there. If they appear cooked more on the outside than in the inside and you know they need more time, but would not like to burn the surfaces, just lower the heat gradually to a more low-medium setting, or maybe even down to low if it is necessary. You may also need to switch the locations more of the hot-dogs more than their positions, considering most of the heat is concentrated at the center. When you are all finished cooking the hot-dogs, place them in a pot with a lid so that they maintain their warm temperature.
-On a cutting board, dice up the bacon into as many small pieces as you can. On a frying/cooking pan big enough to hold all the diced bacon, put on the grease of your choice. If you are to use the oil, pour on enough so that the entire cooking surface is greased up with maybe a little extra oil, place the bacon in the greased pan, then turn the heat on to high. If you want to use butter, first place the butter, turn the heat on to high so that it fully melts and greases the entire surface, and then place the bacon. Either which way, the bacon should be able to cook real easily. Gradually lower the heat down to the medium level if you think it is absolutely necessary. When the bacon is fully cooked, pour it into a container big enough to hold the entire thing and has the room to be mixed and scooped out from there.
-Pour in enough cheese so that the diced bacon would stick together, but not too much (i.e. if you are planning to pour in the whole thing). You do not want the cheese to overpower the bacon. What you really want here is a perfectly good mixture of both. However, the amount of cheese you want to use is entirely your call. When finished, place the lid on to the pot so that it can keep its warm temperature.
-Toast the rolls at the lightest setting in a toaster oven. The rolls need to be warm and slightly crispy for the sake of quality, but weather you want to do this is entirely your call. Some rolls may vary in texture, so you may need to be a little cautious on the heating. Of course, you do not want the rolls to be too crispy either. When finished, place rolls on a plate as if they are ready to serve.
-Place a hot-dog in each of the rolls and pour on the bacon mixture on each of them as the condiments required for this recipe.


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