Egg Ramen

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Preparation time:
Cooking time: 10 minutes

Serves: 1


» 1 Package Ramen (I prefer chicken)
» 1 Uncooked Egg
» 2 Tbsp Butter
» Green Onion
» Shredded Cheese to taste
» Salt
» Pepper or Lemon Pepper (More tangy with lemon)


Put noodles in the bowl with hot water (not too much water!). Then add the butter and heat it up until the butter melts. Stir and cook again until just short of the noodles being done. Drain the water if there is too much. Add the ramen seasoning as well as the salt and pepper, and maybe more butter. Drop in the egg and cook until it fluffs up. Take it out and stir when cooked.

Once egg is done add the shredded cheese and chopped onion and enjoy!


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