Jodi's Post-Tooth-Surgery Recovery Meal

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A soft-food meal to eat in between ice cream meals, for times in your life when chewing is to be avoided.

Serves: 1

Preparation time:
Cooking time:


2 eggs
fresh and/or thawed vegetables
shredded cheese
Siracha sauce


Jodi says:
"2 eggs. Scramble with spoonfuls of salsa. Separate pan: heat 1/4 in slices of polenta. Separately: blend/food-process your choice of frozen (thawed) veggies. I used peas/carrots/brocolli/etc and one fresh tomato and some cucumber. Heat with the polenta. Put hot polenta mixture in bowl first. Top with scrambled eggs. Top all with shredded cheese. Spice up with Siracha sauce. (A variation - use tofu instead of eggs.)"


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