One Roll Fruit Pie

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Make a delicious pie without the headache of making a real pie.

Serves: 6

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1 Pilsbury Pie Crust roll
1 cup Mascarpone (this is an italian cheese like cream cheese you can find it in any grocery with the special cheeses)
1/4 cup Sugar
3-4 Large peaches sliced (I recommend skining the peaches or buying frozen and thawing)


*Make sure that your pie crust roll is thawed before you start this.*

Preheat oven to 375 F
Mix together the mascarpone and the sugar. Gently fold in the sliced peaches. On a non-stick cookie sheet roll out the pie crust (you can roll it bigger if you need to but it should be fine.)
Pile the peach filling into the middle and fold the edges of the crust over into the middle. There will be a hole in the middle of the pie and that is what you want.

Bake until crust is flakey and golden, about 20 minutes. Let it cool a bit and they eat while it is hot. Yum!


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