Pasta with Vegies

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Serves: 2-4

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-Half a head of Garlic
-(1) Medium sized yellow squash,green zucchini,and italian eggplant.
-Shelled Edamame
-Vegie Lasane altho Angel hair works better with the vegies.
-Olive Oil
-Oyster sauce and a Chilli sauce both can be bought at an asian store.


Clean the skin of the vegies with soap,rinse well.
Chop vegies and garlic...u can remove the skin but i left it on the vegies.
Saute the garlic in the olive oil in a pan large enuff for all the vegies.
Boil the edamame for a little while.
Once the garlic has browned in the pan throw in the vegies including the edamame.
As the vegies cook drizzle with olive oil and stir Add the chilli and a soup spoon or two of oyster sauce.
Boil the pasta then mix it all up in a bowl to serve.

Note: if the oyster sauce makes the vegies salty just add some water and continuously stir


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