Apple Crisp

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I was rummaging through the kitchen one day...

Preparation time: A bit
Cooking time: more than a few minutes, less than an hour

Serves: Some


Some apples. A little brown sugar. Three splashes of fruit juice. Cinnamon, nutmeg, whatever makes you happy. Dash here, dash there. Mix together. Quaker apple cinnamon oatmeal, a few packages. More brown sugar if needed for sweetening. Spoonfuls of margarine. More spices.


Peel core and slice apples. Add alittle brown sugar, juice, cinnamon, nutmeg and whatever other spices you have decided will make you happy. Spread in greased pan and set aside. Mix packages of oatmeal and more brown sugar, if you want it sweeter, and more spices. Add some margarine for moisture and yumminess. You can also use milk here for some of the moisture. Spread over apples. Can sprinkle with more spices. Heat oven to over 300C but under 400C until top is brown and the kitchen smells good. Let cool and eat with a spoon right out of the pan.


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