Tuna Nachos

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Melt cheese on tuna salad and scoop with tortilla chips

Serves: 2

Preparation time:
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1 can tuna
Nayonaise soy-based Mayonnaise replacement (or Mayonnaise or whatever you make tuna salad with)
1/3 can Walmart Great Value Chili-Ready Tomatoes (because they're pre-seasoned)
Walmart Great Value Shredded Fiesta Blend Cheese
Tortilla Chips


Prepare tuna salad as though you were going to make a sandwich (unless you use pickles or relish...I add Paul Prudhomme's Seafood Magic)

Flatten on microwave-safe plate

Spread tomatoes on top

Smother with Shredded Cheese

Nuke 'til cheese melts (45-60 seconds)

Scoop with tortilla chips


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