Spinach Cakes

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delightful cakes, great for everyone! high protein, gluten free, vegan... this is "how I make them" most often.

Preparation time: varies
Cooking time: varies

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: about 3-4

Dietary guidance: v v g d 

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Main Ingredients:
Spinach (3-4 Large handfuls)... you can use any other greens...
Lentils (about 1 cup... I usually fill up a small tea cup :) )
Olive Oil

Optional (varies, you can mix it up a bit)
Dried Onion
Parsley, Fresh or Dried
Seasame Seeds, cumin seeds, any


Rinse lentils.

I soak in hot water for a little while, maybe 10 or 20 minutes. can soak longer too.
(Can use not hot water, that is okay too)

After soak, rinse again.

Add lentils to the blender. Cover them with purified water. add some olive oil, several tablespoons, and a little salt. Any spices you want to use are good to add here now. parsely, a little dried onion, maybe some basil... experiment!

Blend a little. (The blender usually reads about 2 cups at this point) Then I add in the several handfulls of spinach. Usually to the top of the blender. blend well. Add more water as necessary to blend all together. You are trying to get the consistency of pancake batter (keeping in mind the lentils are soaking up the moisture as you are going along)

Once you have smooth batter, Heat a Large pan, add some oil, and cook like pancakes... though you do best to

drop the batter into the pan, spread it out gentley with a spoon as necessary to have a not too thick/not to thin cake. you don't want them too thick or the middle will be undone. Too thin, they are likely to break. Add any sesame seeds or dried onion etc to the top of each. You do better to (after the skillet is hot)
cook on low/med heat for a longer time period, (rather than hot and fast) and even cover while this is cooking, keep in mind the steam will cook it too.

Flip, letting the cakes brown on each side.


I like to eat them with dressing (flax & braggs), or avocado.

Dressing in the photo is Flax Oil blended with Annie's Goddess Dressing, mmm


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