Berry Banana "Icecream"

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A thick creamy dairy free icecream for kids or adults that is completely guilt free.

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You'll need about 4 bananas at least (It depends on how much icecream you want to make). Use ones that are just ripeso you don't get too much of a strong banana flavour.

Also about 1 cup of berries. Something like Raspberries or Blueberries. 2 different berries if you want to make a swirly icecream. Easiest would be to buy ready frozen ones in packs from the supermarket.


Peel bananas and puree them (in a food processor or use a stick blender). Pour into a freezer proof container, smoothing it flat, and freeze for about an hour, until it has just started to freeze.

Scoop the mixture out and blend it again, it will go creamy. Return it to the freezer and allow to freeze again, for about an hour.

Scoop it out again and blend it again. If you want to make a 2 fruit swirl like I have in the photo, divide the mixture into 2, and mix about 1/4 cup berries to about 1 cup banana. When you have the two separate berry flavoured batches, pour it back into the container in separate blobs, then use a knife or the handle of a fork to swirl the two flavours together.

Return it to the freezer and it's ready to eat whenever you like. The top layer will always go a harder, icy type consistency, but the underneath will stay soft and almost like icecream.

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