Jar's Spalter Helles No. 2

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A Bavarian Helles dry hopped with Spalt. Brewed for Optimo Hats Co.
No, I never mind sharing my beer recipes. After all, that's a compliment if you brew my beer.

Preparation time: 5 hr
Cooking time: 6 hr

Serves: 48

Dietary guidance: v v 

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6 lb Pilsen Malt
1 lb 2-row base malt
1/4 lb Munich Malt (20L)
1/4 lb Crystal 10L

0.5 oz Tettnanger Hop
1 oz Spalter Hop


Mash in all grains into 2.5 Gal water at 120F. Protein rest for 30 min.
Raise mash temperature to 145F and rest for 60 min.
Raise mash temperature to 150F and rest for 30 min.
Raise mash temperature to 170F to mash out.
Sparge with ~5 gal of 170F water. Collect 6.5 Gal wort.

Add 0.5 oz Tettnanger at beginning of boil and boil for 75 min.
Cool, transfer to FV, and pitch yeast.

Once primary fermentation is done, transfer to secondary FV, add 1 oz Spalter to dry hop for 1 week.

Bottle condition with 120g of sugar, or keg.

SG: 1045 (90% brewhouse yield for 5.5 Gal cast out wort)
FG: 1008 (82% Attenuation, 5% ABV)
IBU: 13
SRM: 2.9

Yeast -- your choice. I use WLP 029 Kolsch Yeast.

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