Killer Biscuits

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My Sunday morning stand-by, Sam's favorite meal ever!

Preparation time: 10m
Cooking time: 12-18m

Serves: depends...

Dietary guidance: v 


3c whole wheat pastry flour
1c AP flour
2 tbsp baking powder
pinch of salt
1tbsp sugar or 1 tbsp honey mixed into the liquids
2/3c crisco
8oz cup plain fat-free yogurt mixed with enough water or milk to make 2c total


This will make about 16 large or 24 medium biscuits
Preheat oven (and baking stone if you have one!) to 425.
Mix the dry ingredients together in a large bowl. Cut shortening in until it resembles small peas. Gently stir in the liquid mix- not too much but just enough to moisten it. The dough will be rather wet! Flour a work surface and turn the dough out onto it. Gently knead (really just fold it over itself) 6-8 times trying not to add too much more flour into the dough. Pat out to around 1 inch thickness (a little less if using small biscuit cutters) and cut using just a downward motion- NOT a twist! Place cut biscuits onto ungreased baking stone or cookie sheet leaving a small bit of space between them.
That's it! Bake at 425 for 12-18 minutes and fight over them!
These freeze really well, and are supposed to be able to be frozen before baking. I'd be thrown out of the house if I did that! Make 'em, bake 'em!

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