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sweet marinated beef cooked on a griddle over high heat

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: 5

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2 lbs ribeye beef
1 cup soy
.5 cup pear or peach juice (can be substituted by .25 cup more sugar)
.25 cup white sugar
.5 cup sesame oil
.5 cup rice wine
1tbsp rice wine vinegar
1tsp black pepper
2 scallions
2 clove garlic
1 tsp ginger


Chop scallions into 1 inch lengths, finely mince ginger and garlic, combine with all liquid ingredients and spices to form marinade. Pour over beef and let marinate in a refrigerator for 1h+.

Heat griddle or flat bottomed pan with low sides to 80% heat. apply a very thin layer of non flavored oil to pan (canola/veg).

Drain marinade from meat until almost dry and reserve for sauce.

Place meat in pan and brown on one side, appx 2 mins. after meat approaches brown, use two cooking spoons or spatulas to tear the meat into shreds and mix up. allow meat to cook the until no traces of red appear, and it has crispy browned appearance - not more than 3 minutes total. Do not let meat cook until gray or hard looking (will be overdone and dry).

Serve beef over short grain rice sprinkled with sesame seeds and fresh chopped scallions.

If you want a sauce, deglaze pan by adding 2 tbsp ricewine over med heat and scraping browned bits from bottom and sides to form a liquid. Then pour reserved marinade in. reduce to appx 50% by cooking over high heat. sauce should be thick enough to 'draw' a trail through by sliding a spoon through the pan. serve small quantity of sauce over the beef and rice.


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