Sloat de chile rojo de pollo

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I use a pre-made seasoing packet for this recipe as I have neither the time nor the bravery to try an authentic version. This is best prepared a day ahead of time and then slow cooked (ignroe package directions)

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: 3-4

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1 pckg "Williams" Brand Carne Adovado Seasoing (try anothe rif oyu like, no idea what will happen though)
1 lb Boneless Chicken breasts (trim all fat and cut into cubes alittle smaller tahn a gold ball
1 - 2 oz. of patience

An image of the spice packet is located at ""
It can be found at many super markets and is made by Williams Food Company under the name "Tradiciones"


---24-48 hours before you want to have it---
- Bring 1 cup of water to just boiling (you bubbles forming across bottom of pot, soem steam)
- Remove form heat and add Seasoing packet, stir to combine
- Let sit until cool (I mean it, cool.. like a glass of guinesse, warm is BAD)
- Put raw chicken in a large zip lock bag (size of a hard cover book)
- Poor cooled sauce into bag with raw chicken, push out most of the air and seal.
- Toss to coat meat and stick it in the fridge for 24 hours (I shit you not, 48 if you wanna be crazy go nuts like me) Toss the meat one or twice during this phase (don't open the bag!)

--Night you want to have it---
-Remove meat from the fridge and empty entire contents into a slow cooker, get as much sauce out as possible
-Set slow cooker to LOW for 4-6 hours
- Check chicken every couple hours to make sure it has moisture still, if necessary add a quarter cup of HOT water to it and stir. ONLY do this is it is really startign to dry out, the end product should have little extra sauce other than what is on the meat.
- Meat is done when you can gently press a cube and it starts to break sort of like corn beaf

1. This is a work in porgress and form my memory, be sure to keep an eye on it and I will update the cooking times and such next time I make it.
2. 24-48 hours is not a joke, I did 24 and it was great, but soe people say 48.
3. This will be a little spicy, but for most people it should be ok.

You won't get a huge amount of meat out of this recipe so you'll need to decide what yo want to do with it. Some people simply put it in a soft taco size shell and eat, others (like me) make other cool things to go with it like Jalapeno mashed potato (see other recipes)


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